Stuffee™ The Anatomy Doll

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Stuffee™ The Anatomy Doll in the Museum or in Your School

Do you have a big zipper down the front of your chest? Can you unzip your body and take out your insides and look at them? There is someone who can . . .

Stuffee, a plush seven-foot, kid–friendly, hands-on “friend” that makes learning about your body fun.

The 30-minute presentation introduces the internal organ system concept using Stuffee.  A lively discussion guides children’s investigation of the individual organs, how organs function together in the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, and what people can do to keep their bodies healthy.  Designed for a classroom or small group, the presentation encourages students to handle Stuffee’s soft-stuffed organs, listen to Stuffee’s heartbeat, and appreciate the size and position their own internal organs.

Stuffee in Your School
The fee for a Stuffee Classroom Visit is regularly $50 per classroom.  Thanks to the underwriting support described below, the Museum is able to offer this presentation for $25 per classroom, with a $50 minimum per school to cover mobilization costs. Ideally you will have two classes that can receive the presentation.

Stuffee in the Museum
The Stuffee program is also available in the Museum as an add-on to a self-guided visit for an additional $25.