InterActive StoryTime

Wednesday mornings (11:00 – 11:30 am) throughout the school year we offer InterActive StoryTime as a drop-in program designed by our Museum Educator specially for young children and their caregivers. It includes a hands-on activity with a staff member or trained volunteer who engages your group with a special story experience. Young visitors will be active participants as a story comes alive with props, sounds, and movements.

InterActive StoryTime is designed to lay an early foundation for later reading proficiency, by engaging pre-readers and early readers in books through the use of props, sound, and movement. This participatory type of storytime helps children make a kinesthetic and emotional connection to the book. The corresponding activity or craft brings the themes and characters from the story into the child’s physical world, which helps with reading comprehension, since children and their adult caregivers will naturally discuss the story while working on the book-related craft or project. These factors all combine to encourage and foster an interest in and fondness for reading, which is an essential basis for later reading proficiency. According to Psychology Today (Oct 2011) “If we want to nurture good readers – and good writers, for all that – we won’t wean them from picture books at an ever younger and younger age.”

Check the calendar for details: Go to calendar. Regular admission charges apply.

InterActive StoryTime can also be added as a special activity to a group visit.


InterActive StoryTime is made possible by a generous Early Childhood Reading Grant from Target.