Summer Programs

Mad Science Mondays: Each Monday from 1-3 p.m included with Museum admission.

  • July 28: What floats – what doesn’t?  Ever wonder what makes the difference?  In “Float a Boat” we will explore buoyancy (also known as the science and magic of staying afloat in a watery world).  After they’ve explored the science, participants will use their newfound appreciation for buoyancy to try their hand at building their own boat.  What do you think?  Will YOUR boat float?
  • August 4: Crash! Boom.  Do you find yourself counting the number of seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder?  Do you look at a cloud and see a fluffy lamb, or a cumulus cloud???  Whether you’re a day-dreamer or a mini-meteorologist, “Wild About Weather” will give you a chance to learn about clouds and storms including making your own mini-weather station.

For more details and the latest programming schedule, check out our calendar.