Mark your calendars for the next A-HA! Event Saturday, April 20, 2024!

The Museum is known for always hosting the most fun evening fundraising event of the year, and this year’s return to an in-person event will be no exception! Join us as the incredible Ben Whiting uses his mind-bending skills to demonstrate just how important it is for a child to discover their potential. Held at the beautiful Traverse City Country Club, the AH-A! Event will feature a silent and live auction, dinner, drinks, donating and dancing! 


It is well documented that the first five years of life are critical for children’s brain development, and that deprivation over those years will result in persistent deficits in cognitive, emotional and even physical health.

But many families in our area cannot afford the cost of Museum membership.

Sadly, these children and families are the ones who need the Museum stimulation the most. The Great Lakes Children’s Museum provides a foundation for lifelong learning through play-based exploration, helping to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We have moved the A-Ha! Event to April this year, and we are excited to bring back this memorable community event to our supporters!

Missed the event but still want to contribute? AWESOME! CLICK HERE!


By supporting the Great Lakes Children’s Museum, you are committing to keep our doors open for ALL children and families- regardless of socio-economic status. On average, nearly 40% of the Museum’s admissions are free or subsidized. Your generosity is invaluable to those who need it most. Remember, our membership holders, who come into GLCM an average of five times a year or more, are families and community members who live, work and play in the Grand Traverse Area.