Drop And Shop – November 28

Are you a “day-after-Thanksgiving shopper?”  What if you had a place where your potty trained children could enjoy the morning in a group (4 children per sitter)?

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum will be offering “Drop and Shop” services the morning after Thanksgiving.  Sitters will be here, and the Museum will be open starting at 8:00 am.  The fee is $10 per hour per child.  Children (and the adult dropping them off) will receive wristbands.  Wristbands must match at pickup (in other words, no mom drop offs, and grandma or dad pickups).

You can reduce the sitting fee by purchasing items in the Museum store.  If your purchases total $50, your babysitting rate drops to $7.50 per hour per child.  At $100, the rate drops to $5.00 per hour per child.  Spend $150 and the rate is $2.50 per hour per child and $200 and over the rate drops to zero for up to 4 hours of sitting services.  The total fee will be calculated (and payable) at the time you pick up.

Sitters will be exploring the Museum exhibits with your child while you’re getting your other shopping done locally.  We will ask for your phone number during check-in and we will contact you should a situation arise that requires your attention.

Drop and Shop services end promptly at Noon.   Pre-registration is appreciated so we can arrange for enough babysitters.