Exclusive Use Rentals Start in March

In response to multiple calls and the improving Covid-19 Risk Level status, starting today the Museum will also be available for exclusive use. We have published date and time slots for reserving the Museum for exclusive use. The Museum will continue to open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for three two hour sessions and on Sundays for two two hour sessions.  The first available Exclusive Use reservation is Saturday, March 20 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  Time slots will remain available up and until about a week prior to when they would normally be published as general admission reservation slots. At that point, the exclusive use option expires and the slots will be transferred to a general admission session.

Exclusive Use reservations can be for birthday parties, family get togethers or other celebrations. Because the host has reserved the facility for their group, hosts are allowed to have food within the Great Lakes Room. Hosts are currently allowed to invite up to 19 guests under an exclusive use reservation. Hosts are required to verify the Covid-19 specific information normally gathered via the general admission reservations process for all their guests and report the contact information for heads-of-household. That form needs to be turned in and re-verified at check-in on the date/time of the reservation.

Exclusive Use is currently $150 to reserve a two hour slot and allows a total of 20 people (Host and 19 guests) in the Museum. Should Covid conditions improve and capacity limits change significantly, the Museum will allow hosts to increase their number of guests up to the improved capacity limit at no additional cost.

All the basic precautions now in place apply under Exclusive Use.  Hosts are responsible for their guests understanding and complying with social distancing, mask, and sanitization processes currently employed on any general admission.

Reservations are made under the Exclusive Use link on the Reservations Page.  April reservations will become available around March 15.