February is Water Wonders Month!

Hello water scientists! (Yes, we mean YOU!) February is Water Wonders month so we’re inviting you to wade in with us and discover what water can do, what it’s made of, and what it means to you! If you do, you’ll earn this patch! Water Wonder Patch

How to participate: Join us for two or more sessions of First Steps Science this February and do the experiments and explorations along with us! OR, if you can’t join us live, you can check out our YouTube videos which are linked on the FIRST STEPS SCIENCE PAGE.

Then, just tell us where you want your patch sent. If you’re watching the videos on YouTube instead of the live sessions, send us a quick photo or video of a couple of your projects at impact@glcm.org.

You’ll also find supply lists for each of the programs there (or in the YouTube descriptions if you’re going that route). Check out the programs below.

Friday, February 5th @ 11am: Liquid! Solid! Gas!

Flow, freeze, float, fly! Find out how water does all these things and more. Hands on experiments will help us discover how water changes. You can make a water wheel and a frozen hand too!

Friday, February 12th @ 11am: What does Water Do?

Participate in the “Water Science Olympics” to see how amazing water can be.

Friday, February 19th @ 11am: Plants, Animals, and Us!

Explore the ways plants, animals and humans need and use water everyday. We will make celery turn the colors of the rainbow and watch gummy bears grow! Discover how much water is inside your body. Find out how polar bears stay warm in freezing waters.

Friday, February 26th @ 11am: Keeping it Clean

What makes water dirty? What keeps water clean?
Try out some hands on experiments and find out.