GLCM is starting a new Gallery Schedule!

Kids of all ages will get the chance to play all day once again!

(Also See: New Reservation + Birthday Booking + Sales Software at GLCM!)

Why is there so little availability for tickets? Why can’t I buy a ticket for this weekend? Why can’t I book a birthday party for next month?

If you’ve been at the Children’s Museum in the last 3 years and had to stop playing because your session ended – we have good news! We are getting rid of museum sessions and going back to daily admissions! That means that when you purchase a ticket to play in the Museum Galleries, you can stay and play until we close at the end of the day. You’ll be able to make a reservation WEEKS in advance and arrive late without worrying about play time.

BUT there’s a trade off; without sessions to close off, guests will have to share the galleries with Field Trips and Birthday Parties. Whereas any group could reserve the Museum for Exclusive Use and have the place to themselves, now groups who book a field trip or birthday party will get the Great Lakes Room all to themselves – but will share the galleries with the general public.

If you wanted a birthday party with the whole Museum to yourself that’s still an option – but you have to book it for an evening when the Galleries are closed to the public.