How to make a reservation to play at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum

How to make a reservation to play at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum. GLCM’s new gallery schedule lets you stay and play all day!

Go to

Choose the date you want to attend

Choose the time you’d like to arrive.

Select the blue time slot to confirm your arrival hour. (you may arrive late)

You can arrive as early as the time on your ticket up until 4:00 PM. Admittance will not be granted until the time on your ticket; this is our primary method of ensuring we stay within capacity and ensure the best guest experience for everyone.

Confirm your arrival time.

If you have a membership, sign into it now. If you’re new to the Museum, feel free to make a free profile – especially if you’re considering a paid membership in the future. 

Confirm your tickets and move to checkout.

Your cart will show all tickets, donations, discounts (including membership discounts) and anything else in your cart. If you have a login, you can enter your first name, last name, and login ID to identify yourself. If you have any discount codes, you can apply them here. (Gift Cards will be applied in the next screen). Click checkout to pay the balance shown and check out. 

Pay for your order using any of the options shown, including gift cards. Your reservation is not confirmed until payment is received.


You’re all set to show up to the Children’s Museum and play!