Introducing Boo Art Fest!

Boo Art Fest | Saturday October 30th

Celebrate Halloween at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum’s . . . first ever . . . Boo Art Fest! A Boo Art Fest is what you get when you mix Halloween with a boat load of orange and black paint and then add creative kids with squirt bottles, glue sticks, and paint brushes in hand. Come expecting to get messy! (You might want to save your costumes for Halloween night)

9:30 – 11:30 Reserve MORNING Tickets Here

12:00 – 2:00 Reserve NOON Tickets Here

2:30 – 4:30 Reserve AFTERNOON Tickets Here

FREE Fabulous, Freaky Fun

Orange You Glad It’s Halloween

Play with frozen orange balloon balls in the water table.

Available All Sessions | Included with Admission

Wild and Wacky Windows

Squirt paint all over our big outside window.  Watch it drool and drip!

Available All Sessions | Included with Admission

Let’s Face It!

Draw faces on plain pumpkins placed on the walls all over the museum. Create a whole kaleidoscope of Jack-o-Lanterns.

Available All Sessions | Included with Admission

Mini Mac Mummy Wrap

Pop outside for a minute. Wrap and weave the Mini Mac in orange, black, and TP for Halloween.

Available All Sessions | Included with Admission

Boo Art Happenings

Design and create your own Trick-or-Treat bag! A collection of awesome Halloween craft supplies are found in each bag.

Available All Sessions | Included with $1.00 Activity Pass

Paint a Pee Wee Pumpkin

Paint your own unique pee wee pumpkin for some dazzling Halloween fun.

Available All Sessions | $1.00 per Participant

Spooky Hand Slap Painting
Using an “ooshie-gooshie” glove filled with water, you can slap paint a spooky hand scene.

MORNING Session | $1.00 per Participant

Spider Spin Art

Spin a colorful web for a creepy crawly spider.

NOON Session | $1.00 per Participant

Batty Bat Splat
Bats fly in the night sky! Bats will fly across you paper as you splatter paint batty bat silhouettes.

AFTERNOON Session | $1.00 per Participant

Each session will include Boo Art Happenings and Fabulous, Freaky Fun. Boo Art Happenings are facilitated activities like painting pee wee pumpkins, slapping paint with rubber gloves, and squirting paint to make wild and wacky windows. Boo Art Happenings are $1 per participant and will be staggered to allow for kids to be part of up to 3 experiences during their museum visit. Fabulous, Freaky Fun activities will be ongoing throughout the day and they are free.

Every eerie art experience is open ended and designed for kids who love to “Boo it themselves”. This will be a Covid-Conscious Event set up to limit the spread of Covid -19.

Sign up for the Boo Art Happenings ahead of time while reserving your museum tickets. There will be a limit of 10 kids per Boo Art Happening. There is no limit to the number of kids in the Fabulous, Freaky Fun activities and no reservation needed to participate.

Hope to see you there! Our paint brushes are ready for you!