Leelanau Pottery Company offering classes at the Museum!

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum is partnering with Stephanie Starner, owner of the Leelanau Pottery Company to offer classes at the Museum this winter! Participants will learn how to glaze a pair of heart-shaped plates by blowing bubbles, and will be able to pick up the fired pottery the next week. 

Those that sign up for Stephanie’s class will get into the Museum free of charge and can stay throughout the session (12:00 – 2:00pm) when their pottery is done. From the event description:

‘Join me at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum and learn how to blow bubbles with glaze. You’ll learn my signature bubble glaze technique and apply it to your own set of two, handmade, heart shaped appetizer size plates. This is a fun quick class which will allow you to create lasting, sentimental memories by capturing your child/ families breath as bubbles! A special idea might be to bring a grandparent for a special, lasting memory. Each plate will be food grade and dishwasher and microwave safe.

*Each plate will be fired in my kiln once more and available for pickup in one week.’

“The cool part is as you are breathe, creating your own bubbles or like if you bring your grandkids if you’re a grandparent, it’s their breath creating the bubbles on the [plates], which if you get sentimental about it, which I do, I think is darling and amazing. So if you take that route, it’s really special,” said Starner.



You and your little one can make your own bubbles on Stephanie’s designs! You’ll select 4 of her handmade pottery ornaments (Michigan, mermaid tails, anchors, sea turtles, dog bones and more are available to select from) and then we’ll blow bubbles- or as Stephanie calls it, bubble glaze the ornaments!
Your creations will be ready to ship or pick up in a week. Your child’s breath, shown as bubbles is a special gift to a loved one! This class is great parent child event, for up to two people to participate on one ticket! So bring the kids or just your kid at heart self and enjoy a complimentary pass to the children’s museum after the class session.
Those that sign up for this class will also have complimentary access to the Museum and can stay and play throughout the session (12:00 – 2:00pm) after their pottery creations are finished. Classes are appropriate for children aged 2-8 and their adults.