Museum to offer virtual Holiday Maker Fest on Black Friday

What are YOU going to be doing the day after Thanksgiving?

Some people shop until they drop. Others recover from an overdose of feasting, football and parades. And others… just don’t know what they’ll do with the day especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.  If you’re looking for something that’s fun, and that a family can do together throughout the day without leaving the comfort of your home, we (at the Great Lakes Children’s Museum) suggest our virtual Holiday Maker Fest.

The Holiday Maker Fest starts with live, step-by-step instructions for making your own edible ornaments. These aren’t for decorating a for the holidays or for inside the house. And no, edible doesn’t mean they are like cookies or candy. Instead, they are meant for the birds, squirrels and other small animals looking for food as we head into the winter.  The session (For the Birds) starts at 11 am.

At 1 pm, you can learn how to make a set of yard decorations as unique as your family. Our facilitator will guide you step by step with how to transform simple materials into a set of snow-people yard decorations – as many as one per family member.

At 3 pm, forget the Gingerbread house – and make a pretzel log cabin with the advice and guidance of our facilitator.

All sessions are free (but donations of any amount are appreciated). Sign up is limited to 100 families.

Click here to reserve your spot and get the “materials lists” today.