New Model Ship Makes GLCM Home Port

Next time you’re in the Museum, check around and you’ll see there’s a new model ship anchored on the Mezzanine.  The Le Superbe docked on 9/23/2014 in a slip directly above the water fountains.  The model has three masts, two decks and 76 guns – and lots and lots of sails and rigging.

LeSuperb 1 LeSuperb 2

The model was donated by Howard and Pat Yamaguchi of Traverse City.  It measures 57” in length, 18.5” in beam and 43” in height.

Le Superbe never sailed on the Great Lakes – as a matter of fact, it didn’t sail long at all.  She was commissioned in 1784 and sunk in a storm in 1795.

It joins two other models which are currently used as part of the Periscope exhibit.  Long term, the Museum hopes to incorporate ship models as a means to expose guests to aspects of marine history through the Periscope exhibit.