New Reservation + Birthday Booking + Sales Software at GLCM!

GLCM is making the switch to a new admissions, sales, and membership software called DoubleKnot on Tuesday, October 3rd!

At the Museum, we use one software for our admissions, another for our reservations, a different system for memberships, and one more for field trips. We are excited to switch to an all-in-one system that will allow visitors to the Museum to make reservations, track and renew their membership, book a field trip, make a birthday party reservation, and more. This system will make everything at the Museum run much smoother, but just like with any major change there could be some bumps in the road. Please bear with us if we experience technical difficulties – especially the first week of October. 

After October 3rd, when you’re browsing the GLCM website and click to buy a membership, make a donation, make a reservation, book a field trip, reserve a birthday party, buy an event ticket, or look at the event schedule you’ll be directed to which is branded to look like the Children’s Museum’s website.

Here’s how to get your login ID with our new system!

If you experience issues with our online system, please let us know! Whether it’s a broken link or a comma out of place, we want to know about issues so that we can fix them!