Remotely Operated Vehicles

Staff from the Grand Traverse Lighthouse were at the museum today to present programming on Remotely Operated Vehicles.  Participants got to see an operating ROV complete with camera, propeller, and servos.

Participants were also able to build their own vehicle from PVC Pipe.  As a special treat, the museum opened up the “deep section” of the water table.  Participants were challenged to build a vehicle which would fit through the structure AND still float.  The structure proved problematic – but nothing that a little children’s museum ingenuity couldn’t solve.  Add an indoor pool to the water table, add water and voila – a structure to test float the mini-ROVs.

Thank you to Amanda and Stef from Grand Traverse Lighthouse for making this available.  We look forward to many more programming collaborations this winter!ROV 2014 01 10-2

ROV 2014 01 10-1 ROV 2014 01 10