Special Holiday Programming 2021!

A Flurry Of Fun And Science

We have some special programs planned to finish out the year! Join us for holiday fun and learning! There’s no extra cost for these activities, just register for admission online and you’re automatically signed up!


Wednesday December 22nd & Thursday December 23rd

Freeze Fest

Available throughout each session – no fee

Part of our special Holiday offerings for kids of all ages, try out some wacky science experiments with snow and ice. For a real cool sensory experience, if there is snow, we will bring some inside to scoop, turn colors, and melt. There will be a snow-flakey craft or two to take home.


Friday December 24th

Reindeer Games

Available throughout each session – no fee

It’s time to join Rudolf in some Reindeer games! These reindeer games are packed with antler fun, rocket reindeer, and STEM science. Before Dancer, Prancer, Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Vixen, and Rudolf reindeer fly off tonight, . . . lets play!



Monday December 27th

Nebula Spin Art

Available throughout each session – no fee

Participants will learn about how gigantic clouds of gas and dust in space, called nebulas, are formed. They’ll create their own colorful model nebula using paint and a spinner. Because of the unique quantities and locations of the materials and the forces that spread them out, each model nebula will be unique—just like each real nebula!

Tuesday December 28th

Feed The Birds

Available throughout each session – no fee

Bring feathered friends right up to your window with munchies you make to put outside for them. The birds will love you, and so will the squirrels.


Wednesday December 29th

Our Marvelous Moon

Available throughout each session – no fee

What is the moon really like up there in space? Did you every wonder how the moon keeps changing its shape? How big is it really? Discover craters and much more.


Thursday December 30 – no programs.

Friday December 31st

Countdown To 2022

Welcome 2022 a little early with our Countdown celebrations!
Sign up required!

Morning 9:30-11:30
(Ball Drop & Bubble Wrap Pop at 11:00)
Mid-Day 12:00-2:00
(Ball Drop & Bubble Wrap Pop at 1:30)
Afternoon 2:30-4:30
(Ball Drop & Bubble Wrap Pop at 4:00)

Countdown Activities: ($3.00 per participant)
During each session kids will decorate our New Year Ball, and make party hats and noise makers for the big celebration.