Join us for these fun, interactive programs each week!

Get Crafty

Arts and crafts that you can do at home!

Let’s Create a Story

Stories, Songs, Tall, Tales and more! You create the story along with us!

First Steps Science

Even young kids can do science! Join us to learn scientific principles and use tools that real scientists use!


Learn the basics in multiple languages! Learn to say hello to your neighbors who speak Spanish, French, Ojibwe, ASL, and more!

GLCM STREAM is a digital membership that gives you access to LIVE zoom workshops and archive videos. Each STREAM session focuses on a different area of learning, and focuses on interactive learning. Each session comes with a materials list which is released ahead of time, so your young ones can join online learning with physical crafts and activities. Hands-on, interactive learning is much more effective than simply watching a video, which is why our educators are doing live sessions every week! A GLCM STREAM subscription is a ticket to real-time interaction, unique crafts, activities designed to grow kids’ abilities, and explorations to expand their understanding. Join us on the STREAM for unlimited learning, wherever you are.


GLCM STREAM Members, check out live sessions and archive videos here!