This Spring Break, Tour the Solar System with the Great Lakes Children’s Museum!

Going to the beach can be fun, but why not take a vacation to the stars? This Spring Break, you’re invited to the Great Lakes Children’s Museum’s Tour of the Solar System as we explore the wonders of our sun and its planets! All activities will be offered during normal Museum hours throughout each day from March 25 to March 29 in a relaxed, drop-in format.

Designed for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade, this program uses hands-on stations to teach kids about each planet in our solar system. Participants will visit regions closest to the scorching rays of the sun, and places so far from our sun’s light that day and night are almost the same.

We’re also excited to introduce “Starry Night, Planets Bright,” a miniature, interactive planetarium gives children the opportunity to take a walk through the solar system.

Activities come from NISENET and are focused on the exploration of STEM subjects. This program builds the scientific skills of inquiry kids will use their whole lives; participants will get a chance to experience the WOW as they tour the solar system.

The best part is you don’t have to be a tech billionaire to travel to the stars with us! This program is FREE for members and free-with-admission for the general public.

No additional registration is required. However, because Spring Break can be a very busy time at the Museum, general admissions reservations are HIGHLY recommended. All you have to do is visit our reservations page, choose a time of arrival any day from March 25-March 29 and you’ll be “go-for-launch”!