What Did I Miss?

September 25 was Member Night at the Museum.  26 attended and took a quick sneak peek at Building Bridges which officially opens at Noon on September 26 (Friday).  Building Bridges is a collaboration between Paul Maurer General Contracting Inc, Team Elmers, Museum personnel and volunteers.

Last night’s member night was a fun night – and I never cease to be amazed at the imaginations of children.  I saw new uses for the Bridges exhibit I had never anticipated…  It will be interesting to see what kids come up with as the Museum’s newest exhibit meets the public.

As with all Member Nights, the unique activity and snack were coordinated around the theme.  Last night’s theme was bridges so members snacked on bridge mix J and the activity was bridge building.  Each child built their own bridge (sometimes with the assistance of their adult(s)) to take home.  Pictures communicate the fun much more clearly than an article ever will so here’s what you missed in a few candid shots.

Member Night 2014 09 25 - 1 Member Night 2014 09 25 - 2 Member Night 2014 09 25 - 3 Member Night 2014 09 25 - 6 Member Night 2014 09 25 - 7 Member Night 2014 09 25 -4 Member Night 2014 09 25 -8 Member Night 2014 09 25 -9

The NEXT new thing at the Museum is the opening of Shore Prints.  Shore Prints is designed to allow children and adults to explore and identify the tracks of animals and birds common to the Grand Traverse Bay (along with a bit of whimsy and fun).  Shore Prints will open towards the end of October.  Watch for more information!