Great Lakes Children’s Museum to host a STEAM/Makers Alliance Mini-Makers Pop-Up event

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum is excited to host a STEAM/Makers Alliance Mini-Makers Pop-Up event on Friday, February 24th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Capacity is limited so reservations are strongly encouraged.

This is a free event put on by the STEAM/Makers Alliance of Northwest Michigan. It is hosted by the Great Lakes Children’s Museum and presented in concert with Newton’s Road, the Traverse Area District Library – Youth Services, 4H, Challenge Island, Arts for All, the GT Butterfly House and Bug Zoo, Inland Seas Education Association, and the Grand Traverse Conservation District.

Attendees at this February’s Mini-Makers event will be able to have all the usual fun the Museum offers, plus activities from the Steam/Makers Alliance Members listed above. Multiple age groups are welcome at this event; the Museum itself is best for younger kids but older kids will find lots to do at the stations placed throughout the Museum this evening!

The STEAM/Makers Alliance of Northwest Michigan is a group of educators and organizations that teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Making things. They meet regularly throughout the year to improve educational access in the region and collaborate to create amazing events. If you enjoy this event, or if you can’t make it this time, come see us at the TADL Makerfest on April 29th at the Civic Center. That is the big, crazy, outdoor version of this smaller, wacky, indoor mini-event.

Participants at this event can design a roller coaster, program a robot, animate a flipbook, learn about birds and their beaks, and lots more!